Who We Are

We are Melting Point, a four-piece rock band from Berkeley, California, Melting Point is the brainchild of guitarist Ben Kramarz, who quickly recruited the talents of Jesse Brownstein on vocals and Tom Megantz on bass. While studying with a mutual friend, the trio met drummer Andrew Prout and Melting Point was born. Since then, we have honed a sound grounded in rock n roll but with a smattering of funk, jazz and psychedelia. Unlike many other bands, no single member acts as the primary songwriter. We collaborate on the music and democratically create our own songs. To put it simply, its not a Melting Point song unless all of us like it. Although our music has been steeped in a solid foundation of rock n roll classics, it still has a fresh, unique feel. With an explosive sound thats sure to keep fans coming back for more, weve rocked audiences all across the Bay Area.

We just released our debut album Get On The Bus and plan to play shows and tour Southwestern states in April. Weve got a lot on our plate right now but thats just the way we like it. Come get on the bus with us!

As great as our recorded music sounds, our fans all say that the live show is even better. Email us at meltingpointband@hotmail.com after you download our songs to see for yourself.

Praise for Melting Point

Melting Point is the next great rock 'n roll band. Their music is instantly-classic: appealing and familiar, yet innovative and eclectic. Their live show is unbelievable and their fans equally devoted. I love working with them and have booked them many times. Melting Point is not to be missed

--Gary Simmons
Kid Glove Entertainment
Booker of Blake's on Telegraph, Berkeley California's premier nightclub

Melting Point, college rock gods straight from the warm teat of Berkeley.

--Vitamin Party