Meet The Band

Ben K

This barefoot, bandana-weariní badass is rarely seen outside the studio. Kís diet consists of tasty licks and heavy guitar riffs. In his spare time, he managed to pull a degree in religious studies from Cal. When we need the punk, Ben brings it.

Andres Dos

Born with a drumstick in his hand, Andres has been officially banging out beats since the fourth grade. After years of hard work and dedication, he can now play more than one drum at a time and every once in a while, heíll even hit a cymbal or two just to be edgy. Andres graduated from Cal with a degree in history (which explains why he loves classic rock so much) and plans to attend Stanford Law in the fall.

Tom the Bomb

Tom slides through scales and slaps down grooves, doing things with his bass you never thought possible. His love of jazz shines through our tunes like moonlight in a funky aquarium. And the Bomb studied electrical engineering and computer science at Cal, so you know he ainít no slouch.

Jesse Brownstein

This funk-blooded reptile slithers into your eardrums with a bluesy twang. When Jesseís voice is on the prowl, you canít help but swoon at his howl. A linguistics major from Cal, he knows how to make some really crazy sounds too (yes, even those African clicks).